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About Tater Scot

Tater Scot is a comic, entertainer & psychic living in the Valley of the Sun, Phoenix, Arizona.

Tater Scot, a Modern Day Wizard

Hello, let me introduce myself, I am Tater Scot, a modern day wizard. Perhaps I should give you a little of my history. I was raised Southern Baptist from birth. My family’s Southern Baptist roots go back several generations. I … Continue reading


Life at the Laundromat

For the longest time I had no washer and dryer at home, so once every 2 weeks, I had to truck down to the laundromat. I know you think as a modern day wizard, you should be able to just … Continue reading


Peanut Butter Fingers and Magick Moments

My fingers are brown and smell like peanut butter. Okay, I know that sounds bad. It’s because I have just finished giving, my dog, his medicine. Does that help? Is it conjuring up bad images? Probably. Well the bone and … Continue reading


An Explosion of Color

I took this picture today on my morning walk. A little rain here in Phoenix can provide an amazing array of color. This bush, normally green, has over the last few days, exploded with beautiful purple flowers. The brilliance of … Continue reading


Fun with Church Signs

I found this website where you can make your own church signs. So I had a little fun making some signs of my own. Here are a few of my creations. Enjoy! 1.   2.   3.   4.   … Continue reading