Tater Scot, a Modern Day Wizard — 17 Comments

  1. I really appreciate your unique sense of humor. I have been searching everywhere for something to bring me laughter! Thank goodness I found your site on Yahoo. You’ve made my day! Thank you once again.

  2. Tater, you write very well! Lots of people will likely benefit from your posts. I look forward to reading more. I have bookmarked this page! Take care!

  3. I have been checking out many of your stories and I really like them, especially the one about the peanut butter fingers and your dog. I will surely bookmark your blog.

  4. Many thanks for sharing your stories. They are funny yet informative. Your blog is so cool. You, Mr. Tater, sir, ROCK! What a fun site! I have shared it with my Facebook friends & my Google circles!

  5. What a great internet site. Funny and magical. I am a practicing Wicca and your article on reading Monopoly cards was a laugh-a-minute. Your insight on Death is very in-depth.

  6. I found your website through another comic’s site. Your stories made me smile. Thanks for posting them.

  7. Your site is impressive. The articles are good, especially about the laundromat. I have bookmarked this page and the RSS feed so I don’t miss any new articles. Excellent work!

  8. I really liked your article about the modern day wizard. I unfortunately had the same issues with the church and was drawn to magick. Thank you for sharing your story.

  9. I was very touched by this article. I am very glad to the changes you made and where you life has gone.

  10. I just wanted to say I loved the part about using Monopoly cards for your reading and got out of jail free. I nearly peed in my pants.

  11. I appreciate this post. I was raised in a similar situation so I completely understand. God Bless you dude. Have a good afternoon. Cya.

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